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At Oasis Builders, we are committed to providing a unique and professional experience, by delivering fast, honest and reliable service to our customers. We will be known for our innovative approach to our business, recognized for educating our clients and for our world class customer care. We will continue to build our business by being involved with our customers, anticipating their wishes, meeting their needs and going beyond their expectations. We pledge to offer the experience and knowledge of our family-oriented company, consistent with our beliefs, values and integrity.

     Our Commercial and Residential Division specializes in hurricane restoration, rehabbing apartment buildings and homes. Structural changes, new windows and doors, re-stucco, moving interior partitions, new bathrooms and kitchen are just some of the services we offer. We focus on quality finishes, excellent service, and quick response.


The team of professionals at Oasis Builders will serve all your residential, commercial, industrial or multi-tenant roofing needs. We are committed to quality because our own standards are the highest in the industry.

Oasis Builders is authorized to install commercial roofing for numerous U.S. manufacturers through their “Approved Applicator” programs. We have years of experience doing it right and always offer both the highest quality and reliability.

As roofs age they begin to deteriorate from the top down. The Florida sun plays havoc with roofing of all types and before long, without proper maintenance, the deterioration curve is so steep that re-roofing is the only alternative.

Call 800-733-5010 to describe your needs and learn about our many types of services available for all your roofing needs.

We take pride in keeping your tenants' virtually unaware of roofing maintenance and re-roofing activities. Our safety practices, daily clean-up, efficiency and daily “dry-in” of any open roof areas will protect your investment and your tenants possessions and goods.

Florida-based Oasis Builders prides itself on being the leader, being the best and most trusted roofing contractor in the state.Our specialty teams provide a wide variety of roof repair and maintenance services, both commercial and residential. If you need assistance with flat roofs, tile roofing, roof coatings, roofing shingles or any other roofing requirements, please give us a call today.

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