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From new roofs and re-roofs, to repairs, our professionals have the knowledge and experience necessary to tackle even the toughest of jobs. We have the proper roofing solutions for every problem. All of our work is guaranteed and our business is licensed and insured. Call 800-733-5010 today for a free estimate! We put the best over your head.

Oasis Builders offers the following roofing services:

• New construction & re-roofing on residential & commercial 
• Repairs on most types of roofs 
• Detailed inspections 
• Acquisition of necessary permits 
• Roof maintenance programs


From ridge venting to dimensional shingles, we’ll do just about anything and everything to make sure your job is done correctly, with minimal stress to you or your household. For more information, contact our attentive representatives today at 800-733-5010.

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Roofing product and Service information

As General Contractors we provide a complete range of services. These services include the construction of Shells, Roofing, Storm Protection, Commercial and Residential Rehabs. Our Shell Division specializes in new home construction for Home Builders and Townhouse developments as well as Shopping Centers and Warehouses. The shell construction consists of footings, slabs, block walls, tie beams, installation of trusses, and sheathing. We also offer the roof installation through our Roofing Division.

Our Roofing Division specializes in roofing systems for both new and re-roofing applications for warehouses, shopping centers, office buildings, single family homes, and town house developments. Our prices are sharp and our work is clean, and we offer warranties of 10, 12, 15, and 20 years. In addition to re-roofing, we also repair roofs. We will make sure you get the broadest scope of work, with the best possible guarantee on any roofing repairs.


It is our goal to consistently provide products, and services that meet or exceed the quality and value requirements of our customers. Oasis Builders is licensed and insured in the state of Florida. 
In step with our commitment to product reliability, Oasis Builders undergoes both external and internal quality audits to assure the continuous improvement of our activities. We persistently seek new and improved methods to ensure process control and product reliability. We focus on the highest criteria throughout all stages to ensure your satisfaction, quality and reliability of materials and the final installation of the completed products.


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 Even if you are having a leak problem, it does not necessarily indicate that a new roof is imminent. The age of the roof and the “signs of deterioration” determine if repairs are a viable solution or you need a complete re-roof. 
The signs of deterioration on any type of roof system can be attributed to a combination of ultraviolet rays from the sun, storms, insects, and temperature changes. Ultraviolet rays are probably most damaging; therefore it is quite common to find one area of your roof showing more severe deterioration than others. Structural damage from termite, hail, wind, rotting or settling of the house structure or chimney can cause damage that is sometimes hidden from view. 

Keeping your roof free of debris is critical to the integrity of any roof system. Also, traffic should be kept at a minimum; only walk on your roof when it is absolutely necessary to perform maintenance such as cleaning the gutters, skylights, or the roof itself. The steeper the pitch or the slope of the roof, the more life expectancy you can expect from your roof.

     If you have a Tile Roof System, the life expectancy is 30-100 years. The integrity of a tile roof is totally dependent on the roof underlayment. The tile, itself, can last forever but will not keep your home watertight unless the underlayment is intact.

Tile roofs can be deceiving when evaluating the condition of your roof. The tile may appear to be in excellent condition; it is not possible to inspect the underlayment without removing the tile. For this reason, repairs on Tile roof systems are more costly than other types of systems. When the underlayment does deteriorate, the only solution is to remove the existing tile, replace the underlayment and re-install the tile.

Replacement tile cannot always be secured to match your existing; anticipate the possibility of using a similar tile to complete the project. 


When choosing a roofing system for your home, the factors you should consider are Wind Warranty, Weight, Durability, Fire Rating, Appearance and Cost. The appearance you want from your roof and what your budget can afford should be determined before you start shopping. Also, know what type of structure your home has. This will determine how much weight the structure can hold and whether it will be necessary to reinforce or apply plywood before the new roof application.

When comparing manufacture's "Wind Warranties" look at the highest rated wind speed and for how many years. Some have high wind warranties that are only up to the first 5 years after installation whiles others are the life of the product.

When considering the durability of a material, check to see what kind of manufacturer’s warranty is offered and what type of warranty the contractor will offer. Remember, the warranty offered is only as good as the manufacturer or contractor who stands behind it.

The fire rating is a critical factor in selecting a material and protecting your home. Since most roofing materials are combustible to some degree, they may be vulnerable to external fire exposure. Some roofing materials will propagate a rapidly spreading fire over the surface or may allow the fire to penetrate the roofing material and to communicate to the interior of the building; this should be avoided. 

Once you have narrowed it down to a few materials that are suitable for your home and budget, you may want to get some addresses of homes that have been roofed with these materials. Feel free to ask your prospective contractor to provide you with proposals for any options you may be interested in.

Tile roofs - Frequently chosen to match the architecture of the home. This type of roof system is on the high end as far as price. The underlayment is critical to the integrity of this type of system. If you are installing a tile roof, you should consider applying 2 layers of #30 felt or a SBS underlayment. Tile roofs are fragile; if you need to maintenance your roof frequently you should take this into consideration. Tile roofs typically weigh more than other types even though lightweight tiles are now available.

Metal roofs - They have gained in popularity after recent hurricanes. They have the highest wind warranty (150 mph), more energy efficient than tile or shingles, will last a lifetime and with the Stone Coated Metal panels, you can get the look of a tile or cedar shake roof besides the traditional standing seam. Metal roofing is also lighter than tile and even shingles. They have a class A fire rating, a class 4 impact rating, are not noisy and do not attract lightening as some may have thought.

Flat Roofs - Options for Flat Roofs, or roofs that have less than a 2/12 pitch, include Tar & Gravel or Capsheet, Torch-Down single-ply systems, Acrylic system, and PVC single-ply systems.

Tar & Gravel or Capsheet system was about the only option up until several years ago. This type of system consists of a base sheet, mopped with 3 plys of hot asphalt with felt in between, and covered with either a layer of gravel or a mineral surface capsheet. This system is quite heavy, weighing 550 lbs. per sq. This type of application requires a kettle with hot asphalt to be at the job site, which produces an offensive odor; it also is conducive to higher safety risks. This type of application is becoming more obsolete as other flat roof systems offer more advantages for the same amount of money.

Torch-Down single-ply systems are an asphalt based roof system with a small percentage of rubber. This does make this system more flexible than a hot-mop application, but it still inherits the same deficiencies. This system can be repaired more efficiently and with better success than a hot-mop and is more attractive. This system is applied with a torch, thus eliminating the odor produced by a hot-mop. This roof application is rated to be a 15 year roof, but we have been seeing failure prematurely.

Acrylic systems are a long-term solution to end flat roof problems. This type of system is costlier and is dependant on weather conditions to properly cure. This type of system is applied with an industrial sprayer or can be rolled on smaller projects. The system consists of a primer, 2 layers of base coat, a layer of polyester fabric to shear up the strength and two top coats. The application can frequently take weeks to complete because of atmospheric conditions. PVC systems are considered to be the state-of-the-art applications for flat roofs; there are a variety of manufacturers. This type of roof system can be expected to last 25 or more years.

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