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How do I Know When it is Time to Re-roof?

If potential trouble is spotted by performing an examination of your roof, you should consult a roofing contractor in your area in order to assist you in determining if a repair is in order, or if the roof should be replaced.

How Frequently Should I Inspect my Roof?

Spotting potential problems before they grow into big ones, can save you allot of money. Most roofing experts agree that you should check your roof for signs of ware/damage at least 2 times per year:
1) In the fall, just before winter begins.
2) Just before the spring season.

What is the best method to inspect my roof?

You'll find you can safely identify some trouble spots from the ground using binoculars, spotting scope, or your camera's telephoto lens. If potential trouble spots are identified, you should alert a roofing contractor, like Oasis Builders, to have your roof professionally, inspected.

How to Spot Potential Trouble

Generally the first sign of roof trouble is a leak. You may notice stains or dampness. More obvious signs of trouble will be raised or broken shingles, a loss of mineral granules in the shingles or dark looking spots in the sheathing.

First, standing back away from the house, look at the lines of the ridge and rafters. If they appear to sag, it may indicate structural problems. Next, look at the roof surface for signs of wear, checking the shingles for warping, cupping, looseness or rot. Scan the roof for any shingles that may have been lifted by the wind or are missing altogether. Bumps can indicate that the roofing nails below have become loose.

On asphalt roofs, you'll want to look for bald spots where the mineral granules have worn away.

With wood shingles, check for curled, broken, and split shingles and for spots where nails have become loose or rusted. With tile or slate, individual tiles can chip and break and require replacement. Additionally, check for valleys and flashings around the chimney and vents. Check for broken seals along the flashing's edges and for rust spots in the metal.

If potential trouble spots are identified, you should alert a roofing contractor, like Oasis Builders, to have your roof professionally, inspected.

What Should I Look For In A New Roof?

Re-roofing your home is an important decision . It is a major investment and your new roof will be on your home for many years to come. Selecting the right roofing material can be a challenging process. The experts at Oasis Builders can help you with information that you will need to make an educated decision. Selecting the right roofing material is the first decision to be made. Key points to consider when you choose the roofing products are style, color, performance and warranty protection.

What is the cost for your service?

All at-home services are free to the homeowner. All that Oasis Builders requires is that all parties are present to discuss the individual options for the home.

Do you offer financing?

We offer several convenient, attractive financing options and will find the right one for you.

Is Oasis Builders licensed and insured?

Oasis Builders has a General Contracting & Roofing license and carries all necessary insurance to make the buying process and easy one.

What about permits?

Our experienced permit department handles all permits and inspections so the homeowner has piece of mind that all work has been performed to the highest standards.

Do you have good prices?

Oasis Builders buys in such bulk that the price you receive will be the best in the market. We offer not only great prices but quality work, reliable on-time courteous installers and your complete satisfaction.

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